Proper Bat Care

Keeping your Wood Bat in "Tip Top Shape" 

Rule #1 Never hit "Dimple" rubber balls. They have give and weight that creates extra stress on the bat.

Rule #2 Never expose to extreme temperatures. There is a predetermined % of moisture in the wood that is sealed in upon manufacturing. It can freeze and crystallize in freezing temperatures compromising the wood. So don't leave in your car or outside.

Rule #3 In Dry Desert areas the bat can lose moisture and cause the wood to become dry and brittle through unprotected areas such as scratches etc...Again don't leave your bats in your car or outside exposed to extreme heat or dry conditions.

Rule #4 As your bat gets scratches and the wood is exposed it will pick up or lose moisture through those openings. Your bat can gain or lose weight ultimately weakening the bat. So use a light spray of poly or clear enamel to keep the elements out.

Taking good care of your bat will result in less breakage and saving you $.$$! Let's don't forget performance of the bat either!

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