How We Got Started

While I was waiting in the airport in sunny Las Vegas, Nevada for my flight after a spring tournament, I had time to reflect on my life as a baseball pitcher and all the wood bats that I have broken in the last 40 years.  I've had teams that would state things like " Hey you broke $400.00 worth of bats today!" as we shook hands after a game. Sometimes they had just bought the bat at a stand before the game. After a couple swings it's a goner. I kind of felt bad knowing how expensive some of these bats can be. I've been on the receiving end of that as well. So I decided to start paying back by giving everyone a great deal on the best quality wood bats. I love the wood bat game compared to metal and would never want to go back to that. There's just no better feeling than the exhilaration of hitting the ball on the sweet spot of a wood bat and watching it fly. 

So I ask you...why are you reading this and not playing ball??? Order your bat today and know you are swinging the best quality Maple, Birch and Ash bats available!

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