Bat Science

Cupped or Not??? Here's a little info for thought... Why would you want to Cup the barrel of your bat?

+Bat Speed: Taking weight off the end of your bat will allow for a quicker reaction to your swing.

+Bat Control: You will have slightly more control by making the very end of your bat lighter.

+Denser Wood Used: Another advantage is that when you order your bat you ask for a certain length and weight that you prefer. The result of your bat will weigh the same whether cupped or not. The bat maker will be able to use a slightly denser piece of wood to make your bat if it is cupped. Denser wood equals better "pop" off you bat. Better pop equals harder hit ball.

-Easier to damage: With the Cup on the end of the bat there is the possibility to chip a piece off if a ball was hit off the tip or throwing of the bat. (We personally only use a 1 1/2" bit to drill out the cup to prevent chipping)

-Feel the weight: If you like to feel the end weight of the bat then you may not want to cup your bat.

You decide what is important and we will make it! 

What wood species Ash, Birch, or Maple makes the best bat for your style of hitting you ask? Here's a couple categories and how they rank to help you with your decision.


1)Ash: The most flexible and lightest of the 3 with a very fibrous wood grain. This allows the bat to bend or flex upon contact with the ball. This gives the bat a longer life span.

2) Birch: This is your middle ground wood with a fibrous wood grain and a slightly higher density than Ash. It is also said that the grains become more dense as you use it. That will give the bat more "Pop as you use it. After sanding Birch it will have that smooth polished look like maple.

3) Maple: This is the "Power Hitters" choice due to Maple being the densest and smaller wood grain giving you more "Pop" of the baseball. That will give you deeper hit balls.

Hope this helps you with your decision of what wood type works for you the best. If your like me, you might want a couple different bats for different pitching or hitting situations. Good Luck with your new bat and may you hear, "Get up and get out of here!" 

You decide what is important and we will make it! 

Hitting a round ball with a round bat squarely is the objective of all hitters.

A big question is: Would you have more hits if you have a 2 1/2" barrel versus a 2 3/8" barrel of the same length and weight? Some of the latest science out there says no. The meat of the barrel that is required to get a solid hit is approximately 1 1/2" on center. Anything hit above would be a popup and anything below would be hit down into the ground. The main differences are that the 2 3/8" barrel would have a denser wood grain and should propel the ball further and a swing and miss may prevent a popup or infield dribbler. That would increase the pitches for that at bat. The only advantage it seems is that with 2 strikes the 2 1/2" barrel could save you with a 3rd. strike, if fouled off.

We are only talking 1/8 of an inch from top to bottom of the barrel.

You decide what is important and we will make it! 

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